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GreenChem launched new SCR cleaner – Effinox

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For many vehicles with light-duty applications, it is not uncommon to have SCR issues. This is mainly caused by the vehicles continuing to fully dose AdBlue when the exhaust temperatures are not at their optimum, resulting in poor hydrolyzation of AdBlue conversion to ammonia and a build-up of deposits on the SCR catalyst. In sectors such as agriculture or transport of goods or passengers, the vehicles have something in common: they work with a frequent stop–start application, and these can require additional treatment to resolve ongoing catalyzer problems.

One solution is to use Effinox.

What is Effinox?

EFFINOX is a urea solution (32.5%) AdBlue, with an additive reagent that is used with diesel vehicles to reduce the harmful emissions (NOx) being released into the atmosphere. It prevents urea deposit formation in the vehicle’s SCR systems with low-load running engines. It conforms to the purity standards of ISO 22241-1 for AdBlue®. Additionally, it reduces existing deposits already attached to the SCR catalyzer surfaces.

Why Effinox?

There are many applications in industry where Diesel engines are not working at peak operating temperatures for much of their duty cycle and the SCR system will not be functioning efficiently. Multi drop application is a good example. Picking up passengers, making constant stops to deliver goods or continuous starting and stopping the engine in the field can have its consequences. Refuse vehicles, buses and agricultural tractors can also fall into this category. Engine capacity and performance have continuously increased over time and can be too high for certain applications. The temperature of the exhaust gases is not uniform and, therefore, they do not always ensure that the chemical reaction between AdBlue® and NOx gases is efficient (as they fail to maintain the required temperature of +260ºC). This results in the formation of cyanuric acid crystals which block the SCR system resulting in higher fuel consumption, additional maintenance, and sometimes complete immobilization of the vehicle.

With EFFINOX, the addition of a special solvent dissolves these deposits in existing SCR systems and prevents the build-up of future ones with continuous use, ensuring the SCR system remains clean and healthy.

What are the benefits of Effinox?

  • Like AdBlue®, it reduces harmful emissions produced by the combustion of fossil fuel and air. (diesel vehicles tend to produce higher NOx due to higher temperatures and compression ratios, which pollutes our environment.)
  • Effinox preserves the SCR system by avoiding crystallization (cyanuric acid crystals) at low temperatures.
  • Helps to reduce over-consumption caused by saturated exhaust SCR systems, resulting in less vehicle downtime and a longer-life SCR system.


At GreenChem, we offer two storage options for Effinox, Effinox Drum 200L or Effinox IBC 1000L.

Are you interested?

Do you need Effinox for your SCR engine? Whether it is transportation or farm machinery, we can help. Get in touch with us to discuss!