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Invest in Tomorrow at GreenChem

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Since 2015, GreenChem’s Finance Holding in Breda, The Netherlands, has been committed to enriching the Dutch society and bolstering the local job market through the empowerment of our students. Our investment in traineeships is not merely a responsibility, but a strategic priority that has proven mutually beneficial. As a result, we have not had to open a vacancy for the position of Financial Assistant for the past 3 years.

This approach is not only altruistic; it is smart business. There are many examples that suggest companies that invest in their communities enjoy tangible benefits, including improved reputation, increased customer loyalty, and the ability to attract and retain top talent.

Our program is strategically organized. As an accredited work placement company, we offer invaluable traineeships to students of Business Administration. This is facilitated through the nationally recognized accrediting organization (SBB), which twice a year publishes our trainee vacancies on These openings are eagerly pursued by students keen to gain firsthand experience in an internationally oriented company.

The Benefits

The traineeships, which run in two periods every year (September-January and February-June), present a real-world learning environment where students are encouraged to work independently and execute a range of tasks, from booking invoices to participating in team meetings.

But the learning is not limited to finance tasks. We encourage holistic development, guiding our trainees to cultivate a professional demeanor and become valuable team members, skills that will serve them well in any future endeavors.

Our trainees gain more than just education; they partake in a rich international experience, supported by a robust team spirit and considered fully as colleagues. The convenient location of our office, just above a train station, coupled with the transport cards provided by the government, makes commuting a breeze.

This investment in training has a direct benefit for GreenChem. We are nurturing a future where skilled finance employees will remain available in the Dutch job market, countering the recent trend of declining numbers in this already tight labor market. A testament to our success – all our vacancies for the last 3 years have been filled by former trainees.

Hear from the former trainees turned colleagues.

The stories of our former trainees turned colleagues illustrate the power of investing in people. Salih Akkoc, Jeffrey van Hooydonk, and Kamelia Asouari are just a few examples of how enriching and empowering these vocationally practical training programs can be. They are a testament to our commitment to nurture talent and contribute to our community’s betterment – and our own.

Salih Akkoc

“My journey with GreenChem has been rewarding. From completing two internships to becoming a full-time employee in the expanding Purchase department in 2020, it’s been a fantastic ride. Now, I’m mentoring students and helping recruit new trainees, leveraging my school contacts. It’s exciting to give back to this vibrant community that nurtured me.”

Jeffrey van Hooydonk

“My time at GreenChem was transformative. Initially, I intended to progress to my next level of study after my traineeship. But the positive experiences and life changes made me reevaluate. I realized the value of diving into full-time work. When the opportunity arose to contribute to a growing team in the Bank Statements department, I embraced it. It felt right to stay and continue my journey with GreenChem.”

Kamelia (left) and Jeffrey (right)

Kamelia Asouari

“During my final study year, I undertook a traineeship with an eye on securing a permanent job post-graduation. Just as I was wrapping up, an opportunity presented itself within the company due to an employee’s departure. Jeffrey stepped into his role, and I was offered Jeffrey’s previous position. Now, we collaborate effectively in managing bank statements. It’s fascinating how things have come full circle in such a short time.”

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